Working with smaller congregations

The Burleson Church of Christ is a congregation of roughly 60 members that meets in a rural community in Alabama. Would you believe that this tiny congregation has over 900 monthly visitors to their website?

One neat thing they do is publish a daily article that talks about a chapter of the New Testament. Readers are able to subscribe to the mailing list, and they get emails each morning to start their day with Bible study. Todd sends us his writings, and we take care of the rest – design, publishing, and distributing. We love helping congreagtions teach the Gospel!

Their minister, Todd Clippard, does extensive, in-depth study series on topics such as the afterlife, pre-millennialism, and others, and we can provide easy-to-share follow archives for these studies. These studies typically last 8-20 weeks, but by using our series tool, students can follow along easily.

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