Frequency Asked Questions

Can we keep our existing media/blog/pictures/text?

Absolutely! When developing/designing your new site, we use your existing website’s resources to populate your new design. Consequently, this is usually a good excuse for congregations to update headshots and text that oftentimes are months (or years) out of date.

What about our domain name?

First off, your domain name is the that you are currently using. We will work with your current provider to make sure everything is a smooth transition to your new website. If easier for you, we’ll take over management of your domain name and handle annual renewals and all those other details.

How do we get sermons to you?

You will continue to record your sermons as you currently do. Once services end, you can transfer the files to us via Dropbox or Google Drive. We then take over from there!

What about email?

We will talk with you and determine the best solution for your individual situation. In order to provide quality and consistent service, we do not host email, but we will setup/manage email solutions for you at no upcharge.

Do we have to keep our current hosting account?

No! Our pricing includes all fees related to hosting. Your audio files are stored on the best-in-class storage solution (Amazon Web Services), and your website is hosted on a VPS. No more slow website, and more importantly, you can cancel all of your other technology expenses!

How do you manage our social media accounts?

You’ll add us as a manager for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or other account and we’ll post on your behalf. You never have to share your personal login information with us In fact, we prefer it that way.

Have a question you don't see above?

We want to answer it for you. Reach out and let’s talk about how we can help.