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Website Management

We do it all. Really.

What makes us different from most solutions is simple: we handle everything related to your website for you. Really. We don’t sell you tools and train you how to use it; we are the person you call/email and we make it happen for you.

We like to say, “We know that you have members that know how to cut the grass, but you probably pay a grounds crew to make sure the grass gets cut.”

Most design companies want to sell you digital tools (like lawnmowers), but not us. We aren’t here to sell you tools that won’t be used correctly or often. We are your toolbox.

Mobile Ready

Designed from the ground up for today’s viewer.

Over half of your website’s traffic will be from mobile phones. We design with mobile in mind, and all of your material will look great on whatever device someone is using.

Whether it’s listening or watching sermons, reading church bulletins or blog posts, or viewing upcoming events, visitors will be able to see and navigate your site’s content quickly.

Communicate to Members

Ring out the message easily.

We send out your weekly bulletin to your membership, highlighting time-sensitive events like fellowship meals or other special events. We typically send these out on Friday evening or Saturday morning to keep activities fresh on member’s minds.

We can also send out text messages to your membership on your behalf. The messages are 1-to-1, not one message with dozens of recipients that can get annoying with group replies. These work great for emergencies, like service cancelations. A phone tree for today’s world: instant, easy, and effective.

Social Media

The Gospel was meant to be shared.

We can help make sure your congregation’s social media platforms are used to their full extent. People are going to scroll their feeds for hours every week; Christians have the responsibility to provide content worth reading!

We’ll post your content (sermons, articles) on your behalf to your congregation’s Facebook Page or Twitter feed. If interested, we can also provide a stream of high-quality Christian content from other sources such as House to House/Heart to Heart, Apologetics Press, World Video Bible School, and others.

Online Giving

Making it easier for people to give back.

If your congregation is interested, we can help create and manage online giving for you. Members can create auto-drafts for each week, or manually give every Sunday when the plate is passed around.

From a worship standpoint, it makes it easy for members to worship. No more guilt from forgetting the checkpoint or wallet, or not giving when traveling. From a practical standpoint, it makes it much easier for a church leadership to maintain the budget during busy travel times like the summer and holidays.

Monies collected are deposited straight into your congregation’s bank account. We generate end-of-year reports for members for tax purposes.

We Want to Help

Let’s talk about how we can help your congregation build a great website that will be a tool for evangelism and edification.