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What About Online Giving?

With the current disruption of corporate worship assemblies, many congregations are beginning to consider adding the ability for their congregation to give online. We want to share our thoughts below and answer some common arguments against online giving. If you have questions about setting up online giving at your local congregation, please get in touch.…

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Creating Useful Websites for Your Congregation’s Members

In addition to being a great evangelistic tool, a well-designed website keeps your membership engaged with various established works in your congregation. Mass-communication has long been necessary for congregations (remember the phone-trees?), and websites can help your church leaders distribute and collect information quickly and effectively. Here are a few ideas to get you started.…

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Church Website Design and Evangelism

Your congregation’s website is not the most important part of your local work, but for most congregations, it is a woefully-neglected resource.  Great church websites are powerful tools to reach people in your area, but a poorly-designed and out-of-date site can actually hurt your ability to have people visit your services. Research shows that for…

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