Summer Series Design

We can handle complete design/marketing for your events. This is an example of a client’s summer series. We provided an 11×17 poster and custom PowerPoint slides to be used in weekly announcements. We also handled their social media postings each week to remind membership of upcoming studies. [...]

House to House Heart to Heart

House to House Heart to Heart it the brotherhood's largest evangelical publication. It's been in circulation for over 20 years with over 200 million copies being sent to homes all across the world. Their extensive library of over 3,000 articles and 6,000 audio/visual files is useful for both congregational and evangelistic purposes. View site [...]

Polishing the Pulpit

Polishing the Pulpit is an annual workshop for members of the Church of Christ. It's attended by over 4,500 people, and offers classes for all ages. The website features online registration, scheduling information, and audio archives. View site

Hoover Church of Christ

With bright colors and unique typography, the Hoover Church of Christ's website is a joy for members and visitors to use. The home page features upcoming events and recent bulletin articles, and the sermon and bulletin archive pages are great tools for future study and review. View site

University Church of Christ

The University Church of Christ is an extremely active church! With over 600 members, an active youth group, and huge college group, it's important for them to keep the calendar and contact information current. View site